Dr Jane Matthews. M.D, D.D.S

The following is for people who suffer bad breath once or twice a year. If you suffer from Halitosis (Persistent Bad Breath) you'll need to use Oraltech Labs bad breath cure program. Use the link at the bottom of this page.

From our years of research you learn all about bad breath tests, causes and cures. One thing stands out when testing your own bad breath and that is- people will lie to you and tell you your breath is fine. Self testing your own breath often shows your breath is fine. And doctors and dentist will often tell you your breath is fine. When all that’s done you can rest safely in the knowledge that your breath is clean and fresh, right?

Well it would be, but why do you have problems finding and keeping a boyfriend or girlfriend? Why do people touch their noses when your near them or talking to them? Why do people back away from you?

The humiliating truth is your breath smells awful and nobody will tell you. People tell others about your bad breath but not you. This is how people can go for years wondering what is going on.
Until the miserable day when a trusted person or a careless person tells you “hey your breath smells disgusting” and from then on the way people react to you all becomes clear.

So how do you know you have bad breath? and what is the best test for bad breath? The absolute best way is to see how many people touch or hold a finger/hand under or over their noses. If people often do this when you’re talking or near them you can be certain without a doubt you suffer from bad breath-halitosis.

adly once you know you have bad breath your good mental health starts to go bad as you focus your mind on your bad breath problem. It is normal for people to close out any remaining friends and family at this stage.

The resulting lack of social interaction concerns us most as it results in a range of mental issues from closing out society to suicide. So it is a very serious issue. It will Ruin relationships & your social life. But it need not be this way, read on to see your bad breath cure.


At about this point people commonly ask for other self test anyway, so here we go.
Do the following test I hour after brushing and before eating or drinking.

Breathe into a glass and then smell the inside of glass.

Chew on a plastic pen for 10 minutes then smell it.
Ask people about your breath. Pick your rear teeth with a tooth pick and smell it.

Rub a cotton bud on the back or your tongue then smell it.

Lick your wrist wait for it to dry then smell it.

Buy a home testing kit ($20). Kits include swabs to gather bacterial and sulphuric samples from the back of your tongue that you add to the pack of solution, wait 5 minutes, then the color change will indicate your breath smell.

Floss your rear teeth and smell the floss.

Use a mirror to look at the very back of your tongue to see if it is white.

So did any of the tests above detect bad breath? Yes? No? Well it will not really matter because of this-
 Your sinus system. 


Bacteria’s ultimate food supplier and the reason you can not smell your own breath.

Here is the start of a world of hell for bad breath sufferers.

Among much else Post Nasal Drip & Tonsil Stones, most bad breath sufferers have it and do not even know it or even what it is. And yet PND & Tonsil Stones can keep bad breath going strong for your life time. Even if you floss, gargle, scrape, drink lots of water and chew lots of gum. None of it makes a bit of difference.

Bad breath you see, involves your mouth, your throat and your sinus system.

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